Hey! I’m Barnaby Aldrick, a Yorkshire based wedding photographer specializing in capturing ‘Relaxed Portraits, Stunning Details and Timeless Moments’.

While I got a degree in Psychology back in ‘03, I’ve always been a creative type and love how wedding photography draws together my desire to tell a story with images. Documenting still-life wedding details; fleeting, interpersonal emotions between friends and family, and being able to put a couple at ease to let their love for one another, continue to challenge & excite me at every wedding.

Before shooting weddings, I loved nothing more than travelling the globe with my camera; to try and weave a memory in composition. I pretty much fell into professional photography after selling my travel prints, and after a few years shooting editorial features for UK magazines, eventually friends asked me to shoot their big day. Ten years later, I specialize in wedding photography and really feel my personality helps me keeping things light and in control, while taking a second glance at the ordinary.

My three favourite things are tweed blazers, seeing what’s round the next corner, and dressing my dog up as Star Wars characters.