I’m Hannah, a documentary wedding photographer based in Manchester.

My photography life started just as I graduated from a film degree. After spending three years making moving images I realised telling stories through stills was where my heart really lay.

I combined my new found photography passion with my love for music and spent a few years in sweaty clubs all around the North West photographing bands. I then got asked to shoot a wedding…yikes (or so I thought)…I ended up hooked. A few years ago I discovered travel. I spent most of 2013 and early 2014 wandering the world, camera in hand, documenting charity and development work. Discovering new places, meeting new people and finding out their stories is still one of my absolute favourite things to do and I’m lucky enough to get to do that at weddings all over the UK and Europe.

My part in your wedding is to tell the story of your day – like a good book, or a brilliant film, every wedding story has a beginning, a middle and the end. I get right in there, documenting from the inside, mingling with your family, laughing with your friends and then spending a bit of time with the two of you as we get some natural, relaxed, creative portraits. Don’t worry though, I won’t keep you too long before we head straight back to the party.

If you’re after good, old fashioned, honest storytelling with a dash of humour and a heap of emotion then say hello…