Hi I’m Mick or ‘Miki Photography’ I get very passionate and single -minded about any thing I ‘get into’.

I met my wife on a Sunday and proposed the following Friday, we’ve been married 8yrs so it worked out! I started learning drums at 20 and by 23 I was blessed enough to be a professional musician. When my wife became pregnant she bought me a camera and told me “practice for when the baby comes”. So I did, and the more I did the more hooked I became. They say behind every good man is a good woman! That was 4yrs and over a 150 weddings – time flies!

So put all of that together and maybe that’s why I now gravitate towards photographing weddings: The excitement of the day, the emotion of it all, the buzz, the details, that ‘live element’ and most importantly that awesome feeling as two people make one of the most amazing, exciting yet mind-boggling and sometimes even ‘scariest’ decision in their lives.