We are Tim & Claire. Married. Two kids. One dog.

We want to make creative and authentic images of your wedding. We love to collaborate with good, soulful folks who are as excited as us about making great wedding photographs.
Tim is the photographer. Also a painter, this helps give his photography a unique perspective. He loves documentary and street photography and has a laid-back, observational approach to photographing weddings. For him it’s all about you as people, and the individual character of your day. No weird posing, no contriving stereotypical images, just letting things unfold naturally and responding creatively.

Backstage, Claire runs the business. Loves her bride and groom pen pals, loves their stories, loves the challenge of building something we care about up from the ground.
If we photograph your wedding, your day will really mean something to us. We only take on a limited number of weddings each year so we can spend time with you, and give each image the care it deserves.
We are based in Belfast, shooting all over Ireland, the UK and Europe, curious about the world.